IPstage MX/SX

Specifications and Features

















22 channels

30 channels

14 channels




16 (32 channels)

32 (64 channels)

16 (32 channels)

2 (60channels)







2 channels, 2 hours(standard) or 8 channels, 120 hours(option)

2 channels, 2 hours




382 x 399 x 281

382 x 793 x 281

425 x 295 x 140
(including rubber feet)

382 x 235 x 281


Approx.20 kg

Approx.39 kg

Approx.12 kg

Approx. 30 kg


Approx. 120 W

Approx. 240 W

Approx. 70 W

Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Humidity: 20% to 85% RH (non-condensing)

*1: The values shown in the specification tables represent the maximum values during the standalone feature operation. The values that can actually be accommodated by the system vary with the combination of features and equipment used.

*2: The IP extension telephone includes an IP telephone, and IPstage Com@WILL Software Phone.

*3: Up to 2 calls can be conducted simultaneously.

*4: Subject to the availability of an IP carrier service. Channels are shared by built-in Voice Mail (consuming 2ch) and IP-TSW bridge channels.

*5: Either 2 channels of IP external line or 2 channels of built-in Voice Mail should be exclusively assigned for standard configuration.

*6: The values shown describe a fully equipped installation.

*7: Not include IP telephone and Com@WILL. IP-IP connection does not need SIP tie line hardware.

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List of Features

Standard Features  Option Features

Last External Number Redial

Automatic Dialling (Flexible Manual Pause Insertion)

Common Abbreviated Dialling

Automatic Repeat Dialling

Preset Dialling(One-touch dial)

Off-hook CO Line Access

Assigned Trunk Line Access

Hook Flash to CO Line

MSA Key CO Line Access

CID restriction

Caller ID

Outgoing Call History

Call initiation by phone book

ARS Call Origination

Night Ringing Extension Assignment

Discriminative Ringing

Direct-In Line(DIL)

Night DIL

Direct Inward System Access(DISA)

Called Party DDI

Analog Call ID Display

Called Party Subaddress DDI

Automatic Answering with Guidance

Automatic Call Distribution

Direct Group Line(DGL)

Centralized Answering

Call Forwarding -Group

Temporary Answer Hold with Message

Call termination method select by CID.

Day/Night Mode Switch -Manual

Group Call Pick-up

Call Reject

Ringing tone select by CID

Day/Night Mode Switch -Automatic

Call Pick-up

Incoming call restriction during busy

Back light Change by CID

Incoming Call Restriction per CO line

Exclusive Hold

Unscreened Call Transfer

Call Forwarding-Preset

Follow Me

Call Forwarding -No Answer

External Hold Tone

Call Forwarding - Trunk to Trunk

DISA/DIL Call Transfer

Hold Melody

Call Forwarding per Calling Number

Mobile Twinning

Call Forwarding Busy

Voice Calling

Automatic Dialling

Direct Station Select

Voice Paging - Group

DGL Group Calling

MSA Key CO Line Access

Intrusion - Extension

Call Waiting - Terminating

External Paging Unit Access

Hot-Line Stations

Absent Message Setting

Privacy Release

Personalized Ringing

Guidance Message Recording


Common Abbreviated Dialling

ISDN Calling Party Sub-Address Indication

ISDN Status Display

Analogue Telephone Connection

Caller ID

Series call

Call Back(In Busy State)

Service menu

Receiver Level Control

Volume Control

Ringer Level Control

LCD Contrast Adjusting

Microphone Volume Control

Key Touch Tone Change

Intercom Handsfree

Back Light Change

Regional Carrier Connection

CO to CO Connection

Add-on Conference

Door Phone Connection

Night Door Phone Assignment

Remote Programming

Executive Busy Transfer

Executive Call Forwarding

Executive Do Not Disturb

Executive No Answer Transfer

Executive Service Operation

Voice Recording

Incoming Message Indication

Incoming Message Notification

V/M Call Pick-up

Absent Message

Recoreded Voice Transfer

Password Management

Mail Retreival

Auto Save/Delete

Maintenance from system MKT.

Line Data Display

Remote Maintenance

Flexible Key Assignment

Individual User Setting

USB Data Upload/Download

Phone book Upload/Download

VoIP carrier connection

Com@WILL and hardphone collaboration

SIP tie line

Salesforce collaboration

Outlook collaboration